About Belle Flaneur

About Belle Flaneur Behind every innovative business is a great story.
And Belle Flaneur is no exception.

The name Belle Flaneur is French, a happy coincidence, the French being the ultimate arbiters of style and good taste.

But Belle Flaneur means so much more than that. The name has an almost fairytale energy. The French poet Baudelaire developed a derived meaning of flaneur – that of ‘a person who walks the city in order to experience it’. Add the definition of belle as beautiful, and it conjures up a magical scene of an urban observer inspired by the splendour of streetscapes, captivated by the spectacle of the beautifully styled street window displays.

I have long been a Baudelairian flaneur.

Belle Flaneur is a sustainable art studio and awareness-raising organisation. Collaboratively, it sources and salvages styling products and props for photography, interiors and window displays, developing projects, creating installations all combined with learning and teaching experiences.

My team and I specialise in working with repurposed materials diverted from the waste stream, and in educating the public on waste minimisation.

Belle Flaneur’s work has been described as innovative, cool, edgy, thought provoking and fun. Since Belle Flaneur’s launch in 2011, the varied client list includes retail, corporate and community organisations.

Belle Flaneur literally turns trash into the most stylish and desirable treasure.