Nourish Talks

Nourish Talks

We were asked to outreach to a new happening in Sydney – Nourish Talks. This would be their inaugural event and if successful the organisation would be able to spin off the success of the first event into regular Nourish Talks. The talks raise funds for programs that enrich the lives of refugees and asylum seekers, young mums, people experiencing mental health issues, those sleeping rough, and anyone who might benefit from some soil on their hands or some food in their bellies.  The inaugural event was hugely successful. For Belle Flaneur we contributed time and talent. We themed the event with raw reused props and materials, we went access all areas, decorating everything from the event entrance up the stairs to the roof. We seated close to 100 people in the church hall on reused milkcrates padded with hessian coffeee bags. We threw lighting around the entire event including lilli pilli pink on the St Canice’s church complimented with a collaborative floral projection show. We set designed the talk area. Most display points including the church pews were layered with branches of  Australian gum leaves and lilli pilli flowers.


September 13, 2015



decorations, display, events, installations, lighting